Thursday, January 10, 2019

Volume Oscillator Signal

Below is a chart of the Volume Oscillator from Dec 2012 to the present.  Yesterday this indicator hit 112.  Note that when this happened since Dec 2012 the market continued to rise.  This is indicated by vertical yellow lines.  It was different in each case though,

Interesting facts:
1) Mid term years are the best and the market made a 2018 low in December in the 2nd year of the Presidential Cycle.  The best market gains have been made from the low in the 2nd year of the Presidential Cycle to the high in the 3rd year of the Presidential Cycle.

2) A Zweig Breadth Thrust (ZBT) signal occurred this week.  For more information on the ZBT  please feel free to use the following links:

3) Picasso Composite Cycle Dates - Posted on this Blog.
In 2018 this cycle suggested:
1) January high
2) Midyear low
3) September/October high.
So far it has been good and when used with the 180min chart or the daily charts, depending on your preference and risk tolerance,  the entry and exit points have been good.
Now this Cycle is suggesting a March 2019 high +/-
Note a "+/-" is always indicated because as we get closer to the suggested Cycle date the amplitude of the cycle and the suggested date of the cycle may change.  In the past there were times when it did change. 

We know that markets do not move either straight up or straight down.  If there is a pause to refresh the probability is that we "might" just continue higher for a little while.  How long is a little while?  Well we don't know just yet.  Investors and traders vote with their wallets and that is reflected in the  price charts.  So the price chart will be the handwriting on the walls to read.

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